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Saudi Arabia VAT Guide - Zoho

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ビジネス ファイナンス
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Learn everything you need to know about VAT with Zoho’s KSA VAT Guide app. Download this app for free, and get access to the KSA VAT guide, recorded webinars, FAQs and much more.

VAT is the new indirect tax that is imposed on goods and services bought or sold in the KSA. VAT will affect the way you do your accounting in the KSA. It is an entirely new process of accounting, reporting and filing taxes.

As a business owner, you can learn about the new tax law, how it impacts your business and what you can do to ensure your business to stay VAT compliant using Zoho’s KSA VAT Guide app.

With this app, you get access to:
- Important concepts and procedures related to VAT in the KSA.
- Webinars that help you understand VAT.
- FAQs that will answer your questions
- VAT Calculator to calculate the VAT on your supplies.

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